We all have super drab walls somewhere in our homes! We ask ourselves: What type of artwork does it need? Should I paint the wall a color to stand out? Then, we just look at the wall day in and day out thinking a brilliant idea will just pop into our heads... and surprise it never does and the wall remains to be such a boring, drab space.

Good news, you're not the only one! My apartment has a white wall that I walk right into f...


What's black and white and plays dead? Why, a DIY zebra skin rug of course!

So I was browsing Pinterest and came across this dreamy image of a beautiful, yet chic living room. Just so we all have a visual of what my hopes are for my future apartment living room here it is:

I have been searching high and low for a great zebra rug to make this space. Amazon is always my go-to website to find the best deals on everything that I nee...


If you're like me and can't start your day without a good ol' cup of joe, you might have as many coffee cups as you do lipsticks and more coffee flavors than the dentist has for toothpaste (because we need choices of course). 

Saying "Oh girl yes," to my assumption about you? Well then, my question is: where do you store these fabulous items? Are your cute coffee mugs stored away behind the closed doors of your kitchen cabine...

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