I've been "Pinteresting" quite a few healthy meal options for the past few months because of course I'm on my never-ending "I'm going to be healthy" mantra... (it's never ending of course because it's on-again, off-again, think Brittney circa 1999) Regardless, on my quiet Sunday afternoon I decided to pull up a quick and easy pancake recipe, mostly because my bananas are going bad. I was skeptical at first, because the pintere...


As a woman sets herself up for a shopping trip many thoughts fly through her brain...

Where is my debit card?
Wait, what did I need again?
How much time do I have?
God I hope my boyfriend doesn't call me while I'm here. 

With so many thoughts, its difficult to truly have the shopping experience you are supposed to have: a stress relieving one. So, as any fashion blogger would do, here are five easy steps to remember before e...

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