The Best Trend? Gold Foil.


We see the commercials everyday for TJ Maxx on how they are making all of their shoppers "Maxxinista's." Well ladies and gentlemen... I'm coming clean... I am a "Maxxinista" through and through! 

Not only do I ooh and ahh at mostly every item I see in the HomeGoods section at TJ Maxx, but I cannot spare myself to leave there empty handed! With my last shopping trip under my belt, I've noticed a huge trend for office products: Gold Foil. 



Gold foil has always been an accent in the fashion world, but today it offers a way to truly separate the blah from the fabulous. Planners, notebooks, art work, pens and many more desktop accessories can be found at TJ Maxx in the Broadway Shopping Plaza in Bangor, ME. 


These fashionable desk items will dress up your space and make you feel more chic while you work! Prices are SUPER reasonable  (you basically feel like you've only had to dump out 1/4 of your piggy bank for these!) and these products can be mixed and matched with any color palette. 

As I obsess about my new purchases, I dare you to go to the shiny side and purchase your first gold foil desk pieces! You will be nothing less than satisfied! Tweet me with your purchase at @bitsyknowsbest ! 

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