The Ins and Outs of Shopping Preparation




As a woman sets herself up for a shopping trip many thoughts fly through her brain...

Where is my debit card?
Wait, what did I need again?
How much time do I have?
God I hope my boyfriend doesn't call me while I'm here. 

With so many thoughts, its difficult to truly have the shopping experience you are supposed to have: a stress relieving one. So, as any fashion blogger would do, here are five easy steps to remember before entering those big box stores to empty your wallet. Remember... #bitsyknowsbest 

1. Remember, organization is key!

Now, organization can seem a little overwhelming (especially when looking inside that oversized purse of yours). However, simple things such as having a small wallet for your debit card and "emergency" credit card as well as a small expandable folder for your receipts will save you time and money. 

If you are one who forgets to move money over from one bank account to another, there is no need to worry because many banks have online apps for iPhone and Android! It's a simple as one touch. 

2. Keep a list of merchandise you're looking for!

Women as a whole find ourselves shopping for anything and everything when we get a chance. However, when one keeps a list of things that they really need, it helps to narrow your mind and save money. See that small notebook in your junk drawer? I highly suggest you put that to good use!

3. On a time crunch? Set a timer on your phone.

Need to be back at work after your 30-minute lunch hour? Thankfully all smartphones have the ability to set alarms. With your eye on the prize and hopefully a warm pretzel in your hand for lunch, you'll have your item and be out in a breeze with just enough time to get back to work. 

4. Turn your phone on silent, and tuck it away deep into your purse.

No buzzing, obnoxious ringtones or somebody texting you asking about your every move. Although putting away your phone can seem stressful, you'll actually find that it will help you enjoy your shopping experience even more. 
(Just to clarify, I'm not telling you to refrain from whipping  out your phone to tweet me if you need assistance choosing which item to buy or not to buy. Remember, Bitsy's always here for you!)

5. Try on, take photos and take risks!

At the end of your shopping experience it's likely that you'll find something your not sure looks right on you. Why take an item out of the shop without trying it on? Help your peace of mind and head over to the fitting room. Need an extra input? Well Tweet @bitsyknowsbest and she will assist you! Still not sure about your purchase? You have a picture, now go home and look at your wardrobe to see if it works well with other pieces. 

Shopping is all about risk-taking and trying out new products or looks. Be free and express your creativity! Fashion is art, isn't it?

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