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Tis' the season of proposals and bridal planning. The list of things to do may seem like it lasts forever but today, let's focus on you! I have worked in the bridal industry for the past 4 years and know a thing or two about planning the color scheme of bridesmaids and menswear as well as helping many brides pick out the dress for their perfect day.

When shopping for your wedding gown, make sure you give yourself at least an 8 to 10 month timeline because this is typically how long an ordered gown will take to arrive. Make sure to bring those who matter most. Whether this be a mother figure, father, best friend, sisters or anyone else who matters, don't forget to include them on your special day.




First things first, choosing a wedding gown isn't based on your venue. Many brides make the mistake on thinking they have to have a certain dress because it looks like it should be worn in a barn or on a beach. My theory: If you love the dress, feel great, look great and feel comfortable... it's the one!

Now that we have that out of the way, think about your wedding gown shape. Mermaid, Trumpet, A-line, Ballgown, and Sheath are just a few styles to look up. As a consultant, I always recommend my brides to try on all of these styles. Then, based on your body shape you will be able to tell what type of gown looks best on you!

Once you say yes to the dress DO NOT step off the pedestal and call it a day. This is your chance to experiment with veils, earrings, necklaces, shoes and bracelets. Let yourself soak it all in... my gosh don't you look like a beautiful bride! (This is the moment you can think back to your little girl self of dreaming about how you would look on your wedding day!) 

Final questions you should always ask your consultant before you leave are as follows:

1. What colors does this dress come in?
     Whether it be white, ivory, blush, champagne or even gold ombre like the one shown above, sometimes bridal gowns come with various forms of beading and threading colors, so make sure to ask!

2. What is the estimated ship date of the dress arrival?
    Is your wedding less than 8 months away? Sometimes there are options for rush shipping. See what your consultant can do for you, and remember to add in alterations appointments within that timeline.

3. If you purchase your dress today, are there other ways to save on bridesmaids or even tuxedos?
     Most bridal shops have the ability to save if your purchase both your dress and bridesmaids or even tuxedos at the same shop! Why not save a few extra bucks?!

Remember ladies, it is all about you. Enjoy the experience and try on every imaginable dress. Ask questions and have a blast because this is an experience you will always remember!

The next Bridesday post will be focused on wedding party colors! For questions, e-mail me at 

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