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As a Bride-to-Be, have you been worried sick about choosing a bridesmaids dress or color scheme for your ladies in waiting? Although it may seem to be a difficult choice, if you just let yourself relax and go with colors your eyes are more keen to then you will find that this part of your wedding will be a breeze.

Color schemes are varied based on ones likes and dislikes. Has Barbie pink always been your favorite color or maybe the ocean is your most favorite place to visit? Put these interests into your vision of your color scheme and you will have no worries.

For example, let's say you are loving the colors of mint green and blush. This color scheme happens to be extremely popular within this past season. It is often mis-understood on how to coordinate dresses with your bridesmaids. Some brides may have the following questions:

      Do I have to have all of my bridesmaids in the same color?
     Should my bridesmaids have the same styles?
     How will I differentiate my Maid of Honor?
     What shapes work best for my girls?

Within this article, you will find the answer to all of those questions! Read closely and remember... Bitsy Knows Best!



During my experience as a consultant, brides always look at styles before color which is actually what you should not do. Each designer has their own color scheme so if you pull from various designers, you will be upset in the end that your colors will not correlate with the different dye lots. My recommendation?: ask to look at color swatches for each designer before you choose your style.

In my own opinion, bridesmaids should be able to show their own personality. Keeping with the same color scheme above, let's say your girls will be wearing mint green. Mint green is a very unique color that is shaded with hues of blue and creme. With these colors, it will be easy to correlate dress colors as well as your suits to generate a full look of your wedding.

By looking at the Pantone color wheel, the best colors that will help your color scheme look the most put together are ones that are completely opposite from one another.




As you can see, mint green pairs well with a blush pink, champagne or a soft blue. Time to break the rules and allow yourself to choose bridesmaids dresses with different colors. The key to choosing are picking ones that look chromatic. Another trend in bridal is ombre bridesmaids dresses. Although these are very unique, they don't always work for every party. 


Is your wedding gown blush, gold or champagne? Well if you answered yes, I am going to say something that may blow your mind... choose ivory for your bridesmaids dresses. What may seem faux pas, will actually look completely dreamy to every viewers eye. Take a peek at this image:




Add your corresponding colors such as blush or mint green within your bouquet's or even your accessories! There's nothing wrong with adding a statement necklace to each girl's ensemble which will lighten up your formality but also look very chic compared to a simple pendant necklace or earring set. 


Food for thought: have your maid-of-honor wear ivory and let your other bridesmaids wear mint green. This will differentiate your maid-of-honor but will also still look easy on the eyes in photos. 



It has always been popular for bridesmaids for years to wear the same styles. Now-a-days it is more likely for all girls to wear various styles; and there is nothing wrong with that! It can be more fun to go with each one of your bridesmaids to purchase their own style of dress. You know the color so you can help them stay within the boundaries of the color scheme. By choosing this option, it will add depth to your perfect picture of bridesmaids and also show the personalities of each girl. (Side note: your bridesmaids will want to be able to wear these dresses more than once, so why not it be something they love and want to keep in their closet?!) 




This option will allow your bridesmaids to also choose a style of dress that is perfect for their body shape. Keep your length the same for each girl (short or long) and let the girls go wild with style! You can't imagine how fabulous this will look on your wedding day! 


Reminder: if you choose from bridesmaids dresses at a bridal shop or boutique, make sure you are shopping within 4-6 months of your wedding because this is what the typical ship time looks like. Not only does it take this long for a dress to be shipped, but also allow yourself an extra month for alterations considering long dresses usually come standard length and there are usually the basic alterations needed for the bust line as well.


Now that your dresses have been chosen and your colors have been picked choose a nude shoe, add accessories and half of your party is set for the wedding! 



So your girls are dressed; what will the gentlemen wear? Stay tuned for Bridesday next week and we will discuss the topics of menswear for your special day! 



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