On Sunday's I go to TJ's


Fact: Sunday's are my most favorite day. As I sit here this morning in my cozy black & white striped matching PJ's with my hand wrapped around my delicious morning coffee, listening to James Taylor's sultry voice coming out of my vinyl record player my brain goes to one thought: what will I find today at TJ Maxx?

Of course I browse good ol' TJ's on Sundays! (What fashionista wouldn't?!) I have never gone through the doors with the idea of buying something specific, instead I treat it like a carnival; wondering what prize I will pick up next!

Lately I have had the best luck with stationary. First of all, can we just all agree how fabulous TJ's prints, quotes, and gold foil is on all of their desk wear? I'm obsessed. Last Sunday I picked up a brand new notebook for $3.50... yes you read that right: THREE DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS. I also snatched up a pad folio with a clipboard on the front with gold foil writing on the front saying, "Business as Usual." As I strolled through the checkout line looking at many other last minute purchases I could snatch up, something caught my eye.

At first glance, it looked like a notebook or planner. Well let me tell you something, I've already gone through three planners because of my obsession with stationary and loving new and different patterns, but this one in particular was one I was yearning for at the beginning of the year. Why you ask? It was the Kate Spade large agenda, with the most adorable pattern. The most exciting part of slowly flipping over the planner to the back side was the price tag. Originally $36.00, now on sale at TJ's for $7.99. It took me approximately .7 seconds to put that in my little basket for checkout.


All purchases from TJ Maxx Planner: Kate Spade Notebook: Eccolo Padfolio: CR Gibson


Moral of the story here? Let your eye wander, don't be afraid to buy and refresh your desk and organizational stationary, and for goodness sakes get it if it's a bargain! Can't wait to share with you what I find on today's trip to TJ's! Follow my Instagram @bitsyknowsbest and Facebook Bitsy Knows Best to see what I have won at the TJ Maxx carnival today! 


xoxo ~Bitsy the Maxxinista 

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