Why you need a coffee corner



If you're like me and can't start your day without a good ol' cup of joe, you might have as many coffee cups as you do lipsticks and more coffee flavors than the dentist has for toothpaste (because we need choices of course). 

Saying "Oh girl yes," to my assumption about you? Well then, my question is: where do you store these fabulous items? Are your cute coffee mugs stored away behind the closed doors of your kitchen cabinets? Are your coffee pods and bags sprawled across the counters? Well, number one... stop that. Number two, why not generate an adorable coffee corner in your very own kitchen?

It's simple, really! 

I originally wanted to find a way to show off my coffee mugs, although I thought of many ideas, I landed on this pin from Pinterest: Pour Over Cup Display (to the right, courtesy of: The Little Red Window Blog).

Let me tell you; finding pegboard at your local hardware store is very tricky and didn't end up well for me, which is why I chose an alternate route: I drove to one of my favorite stores, Goodwill. 

I tried to find anything that looked like it could hold a substantial amount of coffee mugs and right in front of me laid a cream Christmas Card Holder. While I was walking towards the check out I noticed two glass canisters that would be perfect to hold sugar and regular coffee. Five dollars later, I was walking out and heading over to Michael's craft store. 

I loved the "Pour Over" language above in my inspiration photo, so I grabbed wooden letters at Michael's and painted the "P" and "O" a metallic gold. I trudged over to Walmart and found bronze "S" hooks that would hold my coffee mugs on my card holder. Finally, I went to the dollar tree to grab two small black wire baskets to hold all of my tea and coffee in. 

When I got home, I cleared my space, grabbed a few clear push pins and got to work organizing my walls. It's amazing what a little style can do for a two-foot wall span in your kitchen! Here is my final result!

My now perfectly displayed collection of mugs!





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