DIY Zebra Skin Rug


What's black and white and plays dead? Why, a DIY zebra skin rug of course!


So I was browsing Pinterest and came across this dreamy image of a beautiful, yet chic living room. Just so we all have a visual of what my hopes are for my future apartment living room here it is:


 I have been searching high and low for a great zebra rug to make this space. Amazon is always my go-to website to find the best deals on everything that I need. So I searched and found this zebra rug (shown in the photo above) for a measly $259.00. (Just as a sidenotne here friends, I am totally not in the market to purchase a two-hundred-and-some-odd dollar rug) 


Since this rug was not in my DIY budget, I chose to go a cheaper route and DIY my own rug! All I needed to make my rug was the following:




Drop cloth from Home Depot and Paints, brushes and Scissors from Walmart

1. Fabric Drop Cloth

2. Black Acrylic Paint

3. White Acrylic Paint

4. Foam Paint Brush

5. Regular Paint Brush

6. Sharpie

7. Scissors






Before I go into my step-by-step directions, I will note that this is not a quick and easy project. This requires detail, time and a lot of patience in order to make it perfect!


Moving on... Step 1. Unfold your drop cloth and measure it to be the size you prefer for your rug. I originally measured for a 5x7 rug then cut it down smaller towards the end


Step 2. Fold your drop cloth in half; draw, and cut out a zebra skin outline




Step 3. (OPTIONAL) Open the cloth up and start to paint it white. This step is optional in case you wanted to keep the natural brown background! If you do paint it white, this step may take a few hours or days depending on the time frame you have. The drop cloth soaks up a lot of paint! I used 2.5 bottles of the larger acrylic paint.

Note this small foam paintbrush... Just go for a regular sized one, it will cover much more ground!

Step 4. Dry overnight.

Step 5. Draw out the zebra pattern with a sharpie.

I drew it out with a sharpie first with the outline so that I could fill in with the paint if I happened to make a mistake.

Step 6: Start painting in the lines! (Should only take about 3 hrs to do this step). I did use the small foam brush just to get in the little nooks and crannies.

Don't worry about having a perfect line! It may feather out the sides, but this looks more realistic!


Step 7. Let it dry overnight! and VOILA!!


I am so proud of my cute little rug! I cannot wait to place it in my space once I move in. The edges even dried a little more curled so it looks realistic! I do plan on sealing it with acrylic seal once I head out to the stores tomorrow so that will help with the durability of the acrylic paint!


I hope you enjoyed my DIY Zebra Skin Rug, and make your own for your space! Remember, you can use various colors, even metallic gold! Feel free to post your creations on social media and tag #bitsyknowsbest so I can see all of your artistic abilities! 




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