The Perfect Tights to Get You Through the Winter


Let's face it, it's winter and all of us fashionista's don't want to ruin our look by adding a trillion layers into our boots. (Why suffocate your already tight foot in a boot with yet another pair of socks?!) Well lucky for all of us, our friend Shelby created Bootights.


There's no secret to the fabulous design of Bootights. It is simply a fabulously shaped tight with a performance sock sewn to perfection to fit in any ankle or riding boot and provide comfort all day long. These tights not only look GREAT on, but also wick away moisture from the foot, provide arch support, help fight against silly runs in your tights and provide extra cushion in the toe and heel portion of the sock.





So besides shear comfort and convenience, what makes these socks so special you ask? Well, Bootights come in MANY different colors, patterns and sock heights and you can even just buy the socks in various heights: over the knee, crew and knee-high.


I especially love my pair of Bootights because it was designed with the curvy girl in mind with amazing shaping control and much more. Sneak a peak of their Tightology:


• Every-Course Knit – this is hosiery tech talk for a higher quality construction.

This means more smoothing control, increased durability and less risk of snags and runs.

• Control Yourself – I added a just the right amount of smoothing control without the constricting, sausage-like effect.

• Roll with it - I widened the waistband and provided more give so it doesn’t roll or cut into your waist.

I’d rather have indigestion from a good Chicago deep dish than my tights pinching.

• Divine Design – New styles, patterns, colors mean that there is something for everybody.


So basically-HALLELUJIAH-and let us rejoice to the tight gods... or well Shelby Mason for the perfect in-between tight this season. I know I'll be sporting my Bootights throughout the Winter! Take a chance and purchase yours today, because remember... Bitsy Knows Best!



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