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That's right, packing. The one tedious task that mostly any one and everyone HATES to do. Whether it be packing for an over-nighter or packing for a week vacation, the task never seems to be complete up until minutes before leaving the doorstep. So the real question is: How can we pack more quickly and more efficiently? And the answer is...PLAN AHEAD!

Personally, I always find myself packing WAY too much clothing and not utilizing my space well enough in order to get the most use out of my carry-on. If you find yourself in the same boat you will notice the step-by-step guide to packing below will even let you have enough time to sleep in before your alarm clock and even grab a coffee before you jet set off to your wonderful adventure!



1. Plan Your Outfits Ahead! 




Nothing is worse then just throwing outfits together the day before because #1. You don't feel as put together as you could. #2. You find yourself without your favorite pair of pants (and that's the worst feeling ever) #3. You're not organized and can never find what you need the morning you are looking for it. 


Since you're already flying to an unknown place and may feel stressed about your image, you don't want to give yourself extra worries about if you packed everything you needed or not. So my tip to you? Bring flashcards. No, not the math cards or vocal cards you used to write to help study back in high school but fashion flashcards! 



All it takes are having enough flashcards per day you will be there (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday=3 flashcards). Draw out your outfit and remind yourself what pieces including clothing, jewelry, shoes and other accessories you will be wearing on that specific day! Boom, Bang, Done! 


2. Pack Your Shoes FIRST




Before you pack your prized possessions, pack up your shoes first. See the polls on the inside back of your luggage? Well those are built-in shoe holders. I don't usually pack more than three pairs of shoes in my carry on and those are also generally flats. So, I usually roll them in grocery bags (to keep the dirt off of my clothing) then place them in those little crevices. Thinking of wearing wedges or heels? I always wear my bulkiest pieces on the plane, plus why not look super fashionable?! I mean you are a stylish jet-setter after all!



3. Roll Your Clothing


This old tip has been around forever. Rolling your clothing helps diminish wrinkles but also helps utilize space in the most effective way. I usually roll my articles of clothing next to the pieces I will be wearing on certain days. This makes it easy to have all my outfit pieces together and ready to grab in the morning! 


Worried about the colors of your clothing rubbing off on a white shirt? Well if you want, place a piece of tissue paper on the back of your garment before it is rolled up and that will shield it from any other article of clothing in your suitcase!


4. Organize Your Accessories


Please, if you love your accessories, do not throw them together in a bag. If you choose to do that, you'll end up with a mess of earrings separated from their pair or necklaces tangled up. (Who has time to deal with that mess when traveling?!)


Instead, use these little tricks that I love when packaging up your accessories! 


Tip A: Use buttons to hold your earrings together in pairs! This way, your earrings won't get lost and will also stay well put together during travel. I usually put the buttons within my toiletry bag in a small zip-lock baggie which is also a perfect place so you know you won't lose them!




Tip B: Bring a toilet paper roll. No, not a full one! (Hopefully there's toilet paper where you're going) Instead, grab an empty roll and thread your statement necklaces through it. By doing this, your necklaces won't tangle with the other necklaces and stay well put together with any shake up!




5. Don't Dump Toiletries in a Bag


So you've arrived and opened up your travel bag to grab your shower stuff... except when you reach in there's goo everywhere from everything busting open during travel. Fear no more travelers! Simply  grab some plastic wrap and cut it into small squares. Open your container top and place the piece over the open hole. After screwing your cap back on, you will never notice a spill again! 




Also, there's no need to go out and buy travel shampoo, conditioner and body soap! You can either get empty travel-sized containers and fill with your own OR your hotel will definitely have those amenities for you! Why spend extra $$ if you can use what you already have?



So there you have it! With these tips and tricks you will undoubtedly survive your traveling adventure! Remember to bring a reasonably sized carry on so you can fit your purchased goods inside of it! Follow my travels to Atlanta, GA to Prom Market this week! See my Instagram: @Missekeaton_couture and my Facebook Page: Bitsy Knows Best for inside peeks and for my fashionable outfits! Happy Traveling Followers!

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