Making a Drab Wall Into a Fab Wall


We all have super drab walls somewhere in our homes! We ask ourselves: What type of artwork does it need? Should I paint the wall a color to stand out? Then, we just look at the wall day in and day out thinking a brilliant idea will just pop into our heads... and surprise it never does and the wall remains to be such a boring, drab space.


Good news, you're not the only one! My apartment has a white wall that I walk right into from the front door. I have contemplated (for the past 4 months) what should go on this wall? I've visited every TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Homegoods store to see if I could find a piece of artwork that would best fit the space and nothing has stood out.


So, I went on my usual Sunday excursion around the lovely town of Manchester, New Hampshire looking for nothing in particular and of course happened upon the most perfect fix for my drab walls. Francesca's, which is known for it's boho-chic clothing, fun artwork, and knicks and knacks was my first stop. I found metallic gold wall pop's, and I thought... "By George! This is just what I need for my drab wall space!" Just like that I swiped my card (for only $16.99 might I add), bagged the goods up and was on my way back to my apartment to see the beauty immerse from my walls! 


The best thing that these wall pops have to offer is that they are removable; perfect for apartment rentals or dorm rooms! The box has many gorgeous metallic polka dots that easily cover the size of a 8ft by 4ft wall. With some to spare, these offer an elegant yet chic feel to any space! 


Get out of your decorating funk and go to a store where you least expect finding a decorative item. You never know, you may stumble upon the best fix for the space you have been worrying about for months like I have! Did you have a life-saving decorating hack? Share with me in the comments, I am always looking to learn and find new fabulous finds! 



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