Buying A Winter Coat for Your Shape



If you’re like me, this time of year is all about figuring out how to layer up while looking cute! The most important piece of the winter, is a warm, yet stylish winter coat. 


Although there are many holiday sales at our favorite big-box stores, finding a new winter coat that fits within our budget and on our figures can be tricky! Take it from me--I went shopping just last week, visiting 7 local stores in hopes to find my perfect winter coat and I didn’t stumble upon it until my final store… JCPenney! 


If you’re struggling trying to find the perfect coat fit for your figure, use this blog as your personal shopping tool as I wish I had it for when I was shopping. Don’t forget to post a pic of you in your fabulous fitting winter coat this season and tag #bitsyknowsbest in it!


First thing’s first! Determine your shape:


 Figure Shape: Apple


Apple shapes are usually women with more curves on the top of your body. You have slender legs, and a fuller chest. Your go-to outfit is a flowy top and either leggings or skinny pants.


Figure Shape: Pear


Pear shaped women have a small chest that gradually fills into their more full hips and booty. Often confused with the hourglass, a pear shaped woman typically gravitates towards A-Line garments and outfits that focus the attention upwards.


Figure Shape: Hourglass


An hourglass shape is defined as woman whose body measurements of the bust and hip balance out and the waist is more narrowed. If you are an hourglass, you may not shy away from fitted garments and are proud of your top to bottom ratio.


Figure Shape: Rectangle


Women with a rectangle shape don’t typically have as drastic measurements as an hourglass or pear and usually have an undefined waist line. Athletes or other strong woman may sometimes have this figure shape. As a rectangle shape, you aren’t afraid of adding belts to the waistline, boot cut pants or other garments that generate curves.


Now, shop the winter coat catalog for the best fits for your body type! Don’t be shy by clicking on the links and checking out with your perfect coat even without trying it on in the store!



Coat: Ava & Viv @ Target $44.99


This Fleece Wrap Jacket, offers a belt to cinch your waistline, but also an asymmetrical fit. This draws the eye to the side and instantly slenderizes your figure!


Ava & Viv @ Target $64.99






















The Wool Duffle Coat allows for the chic a-line shape to glide against your upper body. The adorable pleat in the back also offers extra room and an eye catching detail that will stop everyone on the streets!



Liz Claiborne @ JCPenney Originally $200 on Sale for $80

This is my new coat!!





















This A-line hooded peacoat is perfect for girls with a small waist and larger hip. This coat easily gives the appeal of a slender waistline with a gracing curve to the bottom. 


Excelled @ JCPenney Originally $180 on Sale for $67.50





















This Faux-wool belted trench coat offers a chic look to your winter image. With the pleats and lines of the garment, this draws attention to your fabulous pear shape and compliments your small waist!



J.Crew Factory Originally $198 On Sale for $99.00

Your shape will turn heads in this long belted puffer jacket. With emphasis on your waist, this balances all of your curves!


Apt. 9 @ Kohl’s Originally $180 On Sale for $76.49





















Don’t be afraid to pop your collar in this adorable wool blend peplum jacket! The seamless shape will glide over your hourglass shape and accent your fabulous curves!



J.Crew Factory Originally $228 On Sale for $136.50


Wear this chic city coat shape and high collar and add a pop of color with a scarf! This coat will look STUNNING on your slim shape. 


Old Navy Originally $74.99 On Sale for $70.00





























This long moto jacket is the trickiest to pull off for figures. Lucky for you, you’ll look seamless and edgy in this asymmetrical zipped moto jacket. Plus you have the added comfort of a light weight jacket, and softness of it's sherpa inside!



It's the weekend and you know what that means... SALES! Now get out there and go-go-GO! There are some amazing steals online and in the store. Wrap yourself up in style this season, but don’t forget who told you how! Xo-Bitsy

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