My Life as a Bridal Consultant



The moment I stepped into a bridal shop, I knew that I found my passion. They say it takes a certain type of girl to become a professional within the bridal industry, and I never realized what that really meant, until I submerged myself fully in the industry. I was fortunate enough to start as a bridal consultant at a small shop in Northern Maine. With the boutique being owned by a young, striving entrepreneur, it was so fun being able to have a hand in every aspect of running a business. 












Through my time at the shop, I grew professionally in learning how to sell luxury goods to customers, the right way to take measurements to order gowns that arrived in the perfect size, and more importantly the art of customer service. Though I was only a seasonal staff member, I had shown my growth and potential enough to the owner that I had the opportunity to become a buyer and attend bridal markets in a variety of locations such as Chicago and Los Angeles.













Everyday when I went to work, I was surrounded by the master closet I had always dreamed of; bridal gowns of all colors, shapes and sizes. As I greeted each gown with a refreshing smile while straightening them out for my future bride-to-be's appointments, I made myself familiar with every inch of them. I learned the differences between satin and taffeta and how to lace up a corset gown and even the tips and tricks of how to hide back fat (You're welcome ladies!). 


The best part of being a bridal consultant is working with our brides. There's a difference between a sales consultant and bridal consultant, and that's the personal touch and genuine assistance that you excerpt. When I helped to train consultants, my number one goal was for them to start a relationship with their bride. To be genuine in their comments and excitement for the most exciting day of their lives; their wedding.


I have helped so many amazing women find the dress of their dreams and with every "yes!" that was said, I swear my heart grew about a million times larger. I'll never forget the thousands of brides that I have had the pleasure of working with and all of the fun stories that come with them! If you've ever been a bride, I hope you've been able to have the experience that I've worked so hard to generate with my customers. The experience of being utterly obsessed with your gown; the aching of your cheeks as your smile explodes from you seeing yourself in "the dress" and the love surrounding you from of all your friends, family and staff exuding excitement around the choice of your wedding gown.


As I take my break of being a bridal consultant, I am eager to immerse myself in a new environment thats different and learn how others work through challenges and rise to the top. After all, Ilana Stern, CEO of Weddington Way says, "When you see an opportunity, step in and go for it!-Don't wait for someone to invite you." My obsession with brides and bridal will never leave and I hope to still provide my expertise to bride's who reach out looking for a consultant on the go. 


In closing, thank you to all of the bridal professionals I have worked with! To my first #girlboss, thank you for believing in me and teaching me the ropes, it's amazing seeing where you are today and how big the Blush family has grown-I am so proud of you! To Mr. & Mrs. Tuxman, thanks for taking me in as a part-time consultant when I needed to fill my craving to be a bridal consultant while at college. To all of my fabulous bridal consultant beauties that I have worked side-by-side with both in Maine and New Hampshire, you are rockstars! There are so many learning experiences that we have gone through, and too many funny stories to share--more than I can count!

And finally, to my brides...thank you for letting me be a part of your bridal experience! I am truly honored that I was able to help you find the dress of your dreams and follow the whirlwind of you tying the knot. You all are what made me go to work everyday, and strive to be the best bridal consultant I could be! 


Cheers to new adventures! And who knows... maybe someday I'll see you again at my own bridal shop! 


xo Elizabeth

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