How not to stress when Bridal Shopping


Nothing excites me more as a bridal consultant when a first time bride walks through the door. The eagerness and excitement that exudes from her and her entourage feeds my enthusiasm to start the appointment. Although I am eager to help each bride find the dress of their dreams, what I do recognize is how stressful this shopping process can be!

Why is this the case? Well let me break it down for you from a bridal professionals' point of view...

1. You have the idea that whatever dress you choose needs to give you the feeling.

     The bells and the whistles go off in your head, the heavens sing down on you and the clouds part      ways; for you have found the gown! Let me be honest and tell you that sometimes you won't have the feeling that your girlfriends are always telling you about. Oftentimes, you just know! This is OKAY.

2. You have found the perfect gown on Pinterest and luckily the store has it in stock, however, after you have tried it on, you realize it doesn't even remotely look good on you.

     A big secret in the bridal industry is that all of the gowns you see on models will NEVER look the same on you. Each one of us ladies are built very differently and unfortunately we still don't have designers looking out for all of our shapely selves. Don't let your favorite Pinterest gown get your hopes up, this is what your consultant is for! Simply accept the fact that it is not your dress, and instead ask you consultant if she knows of any gowns similar to your favorite and ask them to pull them! Oh, and don't ever feel guilty (that's their job...).

3. Your entourage is just not giving the best comments when you try on gowns as you thought they would, and its really bringing down your mood.

    This actually happens more often than not. Many times, bride's bring groups with them that are so large there ends up being too many personalities and points of view. If this is you, try getting your consultant on their side. We absolutely don't mind being the bad guy! All you have to do is let your consultant know and we will absolutely make sure the group turns around in order for you to have a better bridal experience!

4. All of the shapes of dresses that you thought you would look awesome in, just don't.

    Just like your favorite Pinterest dress, it's true that our favorite shape doesn't always look the best on us. As a bridal consultant, we can typically determine what shape will look best on you just by giving you a quick once over! Put a little faith into your consultant and ask them to choose 3 different gowns that they think would look good on you! (You never know, they could pick 'the one!')

5. You finally find the one, and everyone (including the whole store) has congratulated you, but since it's a little out of your price range, you have NO idea how you are going to pay for it.

    Finances are always a little tricky when it comes to purchasing a bridal gown. Thankfully, you only need to put either 50% or 60% down on a dress to place the order and the remaining balance is due when the dress arrives at the store. Before you begin browsing, choose your gowns carefully and have a stern talk with your bridal consultant about your budget! Nobody wants to get into a situation where your dress is a thousand dollars over budget.

I hope that these tips and tricks assist you through the buying process as a new bride-to-be! Just keep your chin up high and a smile on your face and enjoy the experience! Want a special bridal appointment with me? Comment below and I can tell you how!

xo Bitsy





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